Friday, April 13, 2018

I hate you, Google Chrome. I really, really hate you.

More tips that aren't exactly related to dance, but still might make your day go easier so you can concentrate on dance stuff...

Some people use Firefox.
Some people use Safari.
And some people like Internet Explorer. (I have no idea why. Snap out of it, people!)

Me, I use Google Chrome. Do you?
Well, this post might be helpful to you.

Every now and then, Google likes to slip experimental features into its Chrome browser.

Most of those experimental features are helpful. Some of them aren't, but Google has the sense not to introduce them in a manner that disrupts my normal habits.

The new Emoji & Smileys feature, well, to me it's useless and it sucks, and it disrupts my normal habits.

Normally, when I want to launch a new tab from a link, I right-click the link and select Open Link in New Tab. It's the first option in the list.

(Sure, I could Control-Click it for a new tab or Shit-Click it for a new window, but I wrecked my left elbow five years ago, and even after I had it rebuilt and went through physical therapy, I got into the habit of doing everything one-handed with the mouse or trackpad.)

However, now when I right-click...

The first option is that stupid Emoji & Symbols, and I find myself looking at a pad full of idiotic smileys instead of opening a Marketplace link or SLURL in a new tab.


After popping this damn thing up a few times, I got pissed off and Googled "hide emoji and symbols option chrome" and found the gHacks site.

I navigated to the appropriate flag...

And I disabled that stupid setting and reset Chrome.

Emoji & Symbols begone! And, for the first time in a long time, I smiled.

(A real smile, not some goddamned emoji smile.)