Sunday, April 8, 2018

Kiki's Burlesque Upcoming Shows

Here is the schedule for the upcoming shows for Kiki's Burlesque so you can mark your calendar in pink and sparkles.

APRIL 2018
SUNDAY APRIL 8, 2018  12:00PM NOON 
SUNDAY APRIL 15, 2018   5:30PM SLT
SUNDAY APRIL 29, 2018   6:00PM SLT

MAY 2018
MONDAY MAY 14, 2018  6:PM SLT
SUNDAY MAY 20, 2018   12:00PM NOON
SUNDAY MAY 27, 2018   7:00PM SLT

Ohh LaLA Show Girls
Live Burlesque Show
Casual to Formal  Attire