Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spot On Just Got Better Again!

I met with the creators/owners of the Spot On Choreography system to check out the cool new features of the new update release. Here is a note from them to you!  xoxo   Marissa

From left to right: Rug Halberd, Martin Yeats, and Galilla Sinatra
We’re very excited to release Spot On 1.5 with some handy new features to help you make dynamic, unique and exciting dance routines! As many of you know, Spot On is a simple-to-use, powerful, low-lag tool to create smooth movement routes while you dance on your favorite dance HUD.  Dance AROUND the stage, not just ON it! 

Not only can you move yourself and other dancers around the stage, you can move objects too!  Link an object to its own Spot On Mover and you can move it independently from yours with a simple chat command.  Even at a different time than you move.  And that chat command can even now come from the Mover you’re standing on!  

The ability to chat / emote at waypoints (a point in your route where you either pause, turn or stop) has been built into 1.5.  Have your device send a chat command to the audience or to another device to trigger an event such as a dance HUD, lights, particles, etc.  You can even have it emote at a certain point such as “ooooooo baby baby.”  Yes, I know I suck at emoting.  Perhaps I should see Baby for her class on emoting.

If you hate math as much as I do, you’ll love the new Autopause feature.  Add this feature to a waypoint and you’ll pause there until you give it the “play” command either by a HUD or chat command.  

You now have the ability to hide / show waypoints for a better view of your routine while you’re setting up.  Thanks to MarissaCloud for the great idea!

If you’re using the Barre Dance HUD auto groups joiner feature, you can now have dancers automatically join a group when they stand on a Mover.  Add the “@barre_group <number>” to your Mover’s notecard and they will get an invitation to the group and you get a notice that the invitation has gone to them. 

This next feature may not be so much for dancers but would be great for modeling or stores where they have static models.  Play-on-Sit has now been added to the Mover.  Just sit and the Mover starts going. 

Again for the models, Loop-a-Route can make the Mover start all over again when it reaches the end.  It’ll keep going until the person hops off it.  And that won’t be creepy at all for model-bots in stores to keep going around the store, around and around.  No, not at all. 

And lastly, you can make the Mover invisible.  The Mover is designed to go transparent when you sit on it but that is in a perfect world.  Most times, it does.  But sometimes in lag-infested areas, you still see it.  That’s not the Mover’s fault, that’s SL.  So just add the “@invisible” line in the Mover’s notecard to make it so.  You’ll want to do that as well with objects linked to the Mover.

Please see the Quickstart videos on our website:  Don’t be scared by the instructions!  We try to detail everything in the instructions for folks who do not know how to use the SL building tools.  That’s why we have the Quickstart instructions as well as the videos.  Watch a 6-minute video and you can change your dance routines to a Moving experience.  ;) 

Galilla Sinatra