Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dancing the night away! or the morning .....or the afternoon... with a worldwide group of friends!  Here is another crop of dance videos for your viewing pleasure - and as always, send me your latest or and interesting videos that you find of dance performance. 30 May 2013

yumi Fayray 【Artemis】 Second Life Dance
by LiZu Melody
21 April 2013
... greek gods and goddesses dancing regally even through tragedy (9 minutes)


Renegade: A Shadows Silhouette Dancers Production
by majenh
19 May 2013
... a western story told with dance and action

Babypea's Dance to -Wicked Game- for Elysium Cabaret

25 May 2013
.... s single dancer gracefully going through the pain expressed in the song

KPoP! Dancing Queen - Secondlife
by maialyre
16 May 2013
... group of friends having fun with some dancing (and I'm glad the fellow in the first row didn't lose his pants!)

Until next time, keep dancing!  And send me links to dance performance videos when you find them!
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