Monday, May 27, 2013

Gorean Campus Dance Competition

Date:  June 22, 2013
Time:  1 pm slt  
broadcaster:  Gorean Portal Radio

All dancers seeking to compete must fill out application (see attached) and return. Entry will be on a first come first serve basis.   First 8 applications received will guarantee a position with 2 alternates selected.  $10,000L in prizes

Chairperson reserves the right to to extend the number depending on the number of applications received

Competition is not themed, so be creative, however dances must be Gorean and new, not previously publicly performed

A panel of neutral judges will decide the winner by use of scoring cards

Dancers will be judged on:
Gorean Authenticity, Creativity, Sensuality/Beauty, Music, Animations, Descriptiveness, Spelling/Grammar

Judges decisions are final

Rules for the Competition:
1.   Dances must be new and fresh and not previously performed publicly, nor presented in any competition.

2.   Dances must be less than 10 minutes (does not include entry into pit post)

3.   Rez of Gorean props allowed (suggest minimal, as lag always an issue)  

4.   Permission from owners not required unless, your owner requires you to gain permission

5.   Contestants be on Campus, 30 minutes prior &  check in with Coordinator (Lady Hope String)

6.   To help combat lag, no meters & minimal scripty items

7.   Event is open to all kajiri (male or female) 

8.   Event is Gorean hence; Gorean dress and respectful behaviour is required and expected

9.   GPR DJ will control stream,  music and announce the event on live radio.  

1st:    $5000 L
2nd:   $3000 L
3rd:    $2000 L
(in the event of a tie prizes will be split accordingly)

All dancers MUST provide the song(s) you will dance to and if it should be repeated, as soon as possible but no later than June 15th.

Please fill out and send registration to:
Krista   ( krista1k resident ) 


Admin:    Lady janette Inglewood
Contest Coordinator:   Lady Hope String
GPR DJ :   tbd

Contest Assistant:   Krista