Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pop Diva's DQ Dance Sequences 435 (Beyonce), 436 (Lady Gaga), & 437 (Shakira)

In honor of the 3 day weekend (US Memorial Day Holiday), I snatched up all the HOT new POP DIVAS inspired dance packs from Abranimations (for more info on the packs see SexyS' post).

[NAME]Single Ladies|Beyonce 10|10|Beyonce 4|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 1|10| Beyonce 6|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 5|10|Beyonce 8|10|Beyonce 4|10|Beyonce 5|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 4|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 3|10|Beyonce 10|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 1|10|Beyonce 1|10|Beyonce Booty Shake 2|20|Beyonce 5|20|Beyonce 2|10|Beyonce 8|10|Beyonce 3|10|[REPEAT]

[NAME]Bad Romance|Lady Gaga 1|18|Lady Gaga 10|28|Lady Gaga 2|28.2|Lady Gaga 3|27.6|Lady Gaga 9|29.4|Lady Gaga 4|27.2|Lady Gaga 5|26.4|Lady Gaga 6|28.4|Lady Gaga 7|26.1|Lady Gaga 8|28.8|[REPEAT]

[NAME]Hips Don't Lie|Shakira 3|10|Shakira 1|20|Shakira 2|20|Shakira 7|20|Shakira 4|20|Shakira 8|20|Shakira 5|20|Shakira 6|20|Shakira 9|20|Shakira 10|30|[REPEAT]

I had a blast making fan videos for these sequences, hope you enjoy them! <3 Marissa