Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pretty Girl Rock - Dance Sequence (433) Video - May 2013

Starring: Dance Queens sequence manager MarissaCloud, Dance Queens Show Publicity manager Lil  & Dance Queens member Wyndy. Artistic Director/Choreographer - MarissaCloud. Videographer - Chet Silverfall.



"Abranimations" is an animation store that has been around SL for a very long time. I was totally jazzed when we found out about all the new motion capture dances recently released. While browsing the store, I stumbled upon the new Pro Club Girl Pack. Had to buy this one...hope you love it! It includes 20 sexy/sassy medium tempo club or performance dances along with a bonus of 7 Sensual Club Dances - slow tempo of deep bends & sensual lunges.



Pro Club Girl Dances {150L each (9 dances - 1350L total) or the better deal 1950L for 27 dance pack}:

Pro Club Girl 1 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 2 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 3 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 4 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 7 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 10 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 11 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 15 - Abranimations
Pro Club Girl 16 - Abranimations


Sequence for your Hud:

[NAME] Pretty Girl Rock 1|Pro Club Girl 10 - Abranimations|18.5|Pro Club Girl 7 - Abranimations|18.5|Pro Club Girl 2 - Abranimations|19.9|[N]
[NAME] Pretty Girl Rock 2|Pro Club Girl 4 - Abranimations|16|Pro Club Girl 1 - Abranimations|20
Pro Club Girl 3 - Abranimations|30|[N]
[NAME] Pretty Girl Rock 3|Pro Club Girl 11 - Abranimations|25|Pro Club Girl 15 - Abranimations|25|Pro Club Girl 16 - Abranimations|25|[N]



Cut and paste the dance sequence into a notecard for your HUD. The dance will appear as Pretty Girl Rock 1, 2 or 3 but will be sequenced & repeat.

*TIP : The dance titles are quite long, which may cause some problems with future macros.  You can rename them - (ex/ PCG 1 or ProClubGirl1)