Friday, May 3, 2013

Dancing up a storm! well, that was last month - let's hope for May flowers now.
... Culled from the new videos for your viewing pleasure....

15 April 2013
Dancing StormTroopers (Second Life)
by taka556
.... and who ever said Storm Troopers didn't have a sense of rhythm!


2 April 2013
~SWAN~ "Black Nag" - a Group Dance for Second Life
by SwithTheScop
.... a wonderful period dance with dulcimer music - entrancing!

13 April 2013
VIRTUAL BURLESQUE - Oh Death - Jen Titus - Secondlife Dance ft.
by Slappy Doobie
.. another amazing dance sequence from Slappy Doobie - the theme is death

24 April 2013
+*MaHal*+ 65 Dance performance「ダンスで世界一周」 in SecondLife
by psychelunasea
... sorta Las Vegas on the beach!


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