Friday, May 3, 2013

Be BAD like Michael Jackson! Dance Sequence 434 - Smooth Criminal


Multiple DQ 2012 Cutie Award winner Babypea Von Phoenix (Elysium Cabaret) shares one of her most popular sequences with the  Dance Queens group; a super HOT version of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal!  I saw this dance performed live, its so awesome!  If you wanna impress your friends at a rez-day party, or even request this song at your favorite club & dance the will be a shining star in SL just like Babypea!
The version of Smooth Criminal this was choreographed for: 
Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) 4:56


A&M MOCAP DanceWorks:

*Spin Pop|24.5
*Smooth Criminal|29.7
*Startin' Somethin'|23
*Pop Star|24


My-M Jackson-15|22
My-M Jackson-12|23
My-M Jackson-13|24.1
My-M Jackson-09|7.5


Posepack <Hii Hi> (Michael Jackson poses)


[NAME]Smooth Criminal 1|*Spin Pop|24.5|*Francisco/Francisca|22.1|*Smooth Criminal|29.7|*Startin' Somethin'|23|My-M Jackson-15|22|[N]
[NAME]Smooth Criminal 2|My-M Jackson-12|23|*Pop Star|24|*Neverland|23.4|My-M Jackson-13|24.1|My-M Jackson-09|7.5|-D-MJ1|30|REPEAT|


Copy/paste this sequence onto a NC & load it into your dance HUD. 
Note from Choreographer: Start the sequence when music starts, not during the intro sound effects of the coin toss, etc

Dance to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal with warm regards from Babypea von Phoenix. 

***If you (DQ member) or your DQ registered dance troupe would like to share Dance Sequences with the DQ group, please IM: MarissaCloud for a brief application. All qualified sequences, video, and/or pictures will be posted on the blog. Thanks for paying it forward!***

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