Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fusion Performing Arts Center presents "Accept"

The Fusion Performing Arts Center is proud to present Independent Ballet's latest production called "ACCEPT" being performed at the center this Saturday, May 4 @ 2PM SLT.

In ACCEPT, four young women struggle with their sense of self and their place in the world around them. They are united by one thing- their love of dance. ACCEPT follows the journey of these young ladies as they are each uniquely challenged, and as they come together. They learn lessons of tolerance, compassion, empathy as they come of age as dancers and as women. Based on an original concept  with spoken word and music on stream.

Come see the beauty of dance in SL and the artistry and creativeness of this wonderful group of Independent Ballet dancers under the direction of Dubhna Rhiadra with original concept by Independent Ballet's Deyna Broek.