Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Videos and Pics

*Hello Dancers!*

Skyspinner here, bringing you dance videos and pics to inspire you and to share some of what is posted on YouTube and other video and image channels. Feel free to send me your favorites. Skyspinner.soulstar @ gmail dot com.  9 January 2013

To start the new year, let's get cute  :-)

Bento Box
by pyroaleron

... very simple but too cute!

Second Life - Gangnam Style
by AvaruusTurri
...very much the hot thing!

by VikkiLynn Caproni
...a Broadway song and dance review in a slideshow

Sea's Hymn
by Dianne Melson
... and who doesn't like a Mermaid Ballet?

Photo album of Guerilla Burlesque
by Chewie Smith on FB

I'm on the lookout for good dance videos and appreciate your views and suggestions!
      ... Sky