Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thank you Dance Kings and Queens

             Thank you Dance Kings and Queens

Being a elected by my peers is on are beyond words. Many of you in this room have earn this honor as much as I have.  I always loved dancing and never imagined it would grow into this. My dancing was recognized by the person that gave birth to my dancing career in second life.

That person is Chryblond Scribe.  At that time she was managing live musicians and wanted to create a more show like atmosphere for their shows by using dancers on their sets.
This platform really developed my freestyle. At the time the only dance HUD was the huddles. During this time I met someone her name is Racheal Young, and she would listen to my rants about how I wished this did this and it would be cool if it did that, every now and then she would ask questions about specific wishes, then one day she told me quote I can probably make that.
To make a long story short three months later she handed me the first barre beta dance hud. These two people Racheal and Chryblond as the most amazing inspiring individuals that I've had the pleasure of getting to know.  They are 2/3 of the reason I dance. 
I want to recognize the people that are in my Second Life dance world.

Diddy Hyun.
 Her shows where the first dance shows I were to see, and inspired me to do my own.

Zhaza Zerbino,and Danny.(Pink Ladies)
For allowing me, and others to perform at her dance shows.Their support for dance in the second life is wonderful.

Ric Lyle,and Felicia Ibanez(most genetically perfect avatars in second life) of the fusion arts center.
Their personal compliments, and there joy for dance have filled me with inspiration. 

Caryl Meredith.(Spirit Light Dance Company)
She has proven that it is possible to do it all. She is simply amazing.
Her productions are the biggest and best directed shows in second life.

 AzabellaAlamar(Guerilla Burlesque,A&M )
Has more then once grabbed my hand sticking outta the quick sand as i been taking my last breath.
She's the right person at the right time..i am very very lucky.  Thank you Azzy

Klark Harvy.(Full Package)
He convinced me that white men can dance LOL, I know you'll hate this but he is kind of the male version of Diawa.  This man can dance to anything from modern jazz to a cricket in the grass.

Naiki Muliaina.(BlueMoon)
All I can think of to say is Naiki get your nose out of my butt.  LOL jk
Her support for dancers and second life makes my heart smile.

A wonderful club owner, performer, dancer, friend.

ShippyCreations.(Guerilla Burlesque)
Always there to hand me a tissue.

Ellies and,Slappy Doobie.(Virtual burlesque)
I can write a full page without stopping writing about these two.
They have set the bar in dance shows and second life.  Personally I think it's unfair for them being in this competition due to the fact that they could th win every  category in it.
If you do not believe me, you have not seen them. 

Nottoo Wise.(Dancing Queens CEO.)
The Queen.
I think of no one has done more for dance in second life.
Whether she likes it or not we become good friends.  I believe she invented dance in a life, if you don't believe me, take a look at her group photo and take a look at her shoes both are vintage 2004.  Oh I can think of no other that has a greater passion and love for dance in a second life.
Right or wrong what she does, is for her love for dance and wanting to share it with us.
I love you Nottoo Wise

SexyS Quintessa(Guerilla Burlesque,{ Euphoria })
She's been my side kick for a while now and has sat and ..sometimes worked, for hundreds of hours by my side.  She is a wonderful talented performer.

Shadow Tarber,(The Silhouette Dancers)
If you are reading this, is due to the fact that I stole for place in this competition for this year.  This woman, and her dancers, are the best new and current dance troupe in a second life.
Shadow is very special to me due to her high tolerance towards me.  How she has developed this god only knows.  She loves me or is insane as often as I am her and she will come dance with me until the cows come home.  She is my favorite dancer and a great performer.  When I grow up I want to be just like her.  I love you Shadow.

Ormand Lionheart.(My SL Brother) This...person? :oP He is a Award winning machinimist,and has won 1st place in my heart. His talent can not be describe with words.

My Dancers({ Euphoria } aka DiHards)
Sherry Noyes
Zahra Ethaniel
Your patience and support are unmeasurable.
Without you I could do nothing all of you are the best.

Thank you all very much

                                          Diawa Bellic

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