Friday, January 11, 2013

DSL Figure Skating Club

DSL Figure Skating Club 130111

Boogiie Gossipgirl sent us this information about the DSL Skating Club ...


The DSL Figure Skating Club Ice Rink brings the fun of real life skating to Second Life!  At this rink, you can achieve competitive levels of rank through available figure skating classes, competitions, and rewarding performances. The rink features an in-house precision team, the DSL 'Showstoppers" for shows, and events!

DSL also offers a real life likeness of animations for figure skating, and real life/ custom made skating costumes. The DSL Figure Skating Club's rink, is modeled after a real life rink! 

Whether you are a recreational skating enthusiast, enjoy team experiences, or would like to skyrocket to Stardom as a well trained competitive figure-skater within the grid, VISIT THE RINK TODAY!!!

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