Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dancing in Second LIfe - Video Edition

17 January 2013

What is new in videos this week? Glad you asked! Here are a few to entertain you and showcase some of the creativity of SL residents!

Secondlife - FlashMob Dance
by maialyre
… group in an energetic synchronized dance

Couleurs de la Danse
by Ballet Pixelle
...  a ballet in 3 acts with some nice camera work

Virtual Burlesque - Around The World - Daft Punk Tribute Ft. Slappy Doobie
by SlappyDoobie·\
... stage extravaganza, inspired by a  video by Daft Punk

Cats Second Life - BaBaBa
by andcalatun
...... cat antics through the night - I think I want to be a cat!

cannot embed it, but take a look:

Skyspinner.  and Dance for joy!

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