Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Many of you know me as the creator of the Barre HUD. Ok, Ya, guilty. Today I come to you as Rach the Blogger. I decided to offer some insight into scripts relating to dance or effects used during dance shows.  

What I hope you will get out of the articles I write is a basic understanding of scripts, plus a script that you can take home, play with, use, and understand.  All of this will be very directed at dancers and the effects they need or use.  

Most scripters that I know are private individuals. They don’t like you looking over their shoulder for fear they will lose some edge. That is totally understandable and I am the same way. But here you will get to look over my shoulder and get the explanation to go with it.

We will cover simple things such as …

What is a script,
How to create a strobe,

How to create light effects,
How to use particle effects,

How to create water effects,

How to create rotating items,
How to create a simple voice triggered mover,

How to create couples mover,

How did I get here?
One day I was at a dance show that had gone very bad. The lag was so so intense! Nothing on the region was working right. The poor dancers were doing their best to deal with it. Then they had a problem with a scripted prop. The DJ piped up in chat about how he was a scripter and he could do things so much better, blah, blah, blah! Clearly he felt he was “the man” rescuing everyone. I have to say I got a good laugh out of watching him beat on his chest like a gorilla. To me he clearly did not understand the basics even though his profile boasted his self-proclaimed superior knowledge. It bothered me most to watch the dances just take his abuse. They could not say anything because they didn’t know any better themselves. Even the owner of the show was stumbling over herself to blame the lag on the dancers. I was so amazed at the absolute lack of understanding and high flying egos that I just left the group.  I could not watch people behave this way. It was to disturbing. These types of situations can be prevented with knowledge. This is my mission.

See you on the dance floor!


  1. short of kidnapping you for my own personal use, I cannot think of anything that makes me happier than this right now :-) Thanks Racheal, looking forward to learning!

  2. you know though Cherry that could be arranged....j/k =P great blog honey looking forward to seeing more!