Saturday, January 26, 2013

Artists Wanted !

Artists Wanted ! (130126)

Isabelle Mavendorf sent us this announcement ...


Small club and dinner theater seeks dancers/actors  to  perform in original shows once a month. Some paid positions available, as well as proceeds from house tips during the shows.

We are looking for people to commit to rehearsing twice a month to weekly (depending on the complexity of the show) and then performing in front of an audience once a month (or perhaps more often).

If you are interested, please visit the club, pick up an application and join the Eclectricity group (group joiner at the club).

Go here to join the group.

Or, if you have questions, please respond to Isabelle Mavendorf or Augustus Grayman to learn more!

Notecards please, as IM's may get capped.

Additional Reading:

Eclectricity is a unique spot. Musically, our DJs cover just about ever genre through the ages. We aren't going to be locked into any one style of music or era, or be pigeon-holed into any set form of entertainment. Of course we have dancing and lots of it. We have the finest collection of couples dances SL has to offer and our solo dances are unsurpassed with over 300 of them to choose from.

Eclectricity is a small club.  Our following isn't large, but, I do hope people will enjoy the fact they can come and ask for Metalica or Flogging Molly  and hear them. Then hear Duke Ellington, U2, Madonna, Abney Park, Dar Williams and so much more at any given moment.  It's a place that looks more like an large, but welcoming living room as we want our guests to feel at home.  

There will be game nights, movie nights, concert nights.  We don't do voting contests, we will have trivia and dance contests that will challenge and entertain you.  We seek patrons who are tired of popularity contests, noisy, gesture laden chat in clubs that have all the warmth of a Las Vegas show room.  We wish and hope all will feel welcomed and included here at Eclectricity.

As of December 2012, we are adding a whole new concept - dinner theater. We'll be announcing our opening show in a couple of weeks. Our first show is a tribute to Vaudeville, so expect plenty of silliness and some great vintage music.

Please touch the reader board at the club and join our group. Pick up some free gifts under the tree.

Walk through the door at Eclectricity and you'll wonder why it took you so long to get here.  It's like hanging out in your basement with a twist!  There are no contests, no local spamming, no music we won't play.  We have the games out and ready to play.  WE HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF MOCAP DANCES.  Over 300 Solo and over 100 Couple's dances.  Our DJs have no boundaries when it comes to music.  If you want to hear it, we'll find and play it.  

Hospitality isn't a lost art.  It's been here all the time waiting for you to find it.  

Sundays Radio Shows
Mondays Game Night
Tuesdays Dancing 
Wednesdays  Themed party
Fridays Dinner Theater (once a month)

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