Thursday, January 17, 2013

Best of Fusion Dance Crew Show

Best of Fusion Dance Crew Show 130117

Felicia Ibanez sent us this invitation ...


Fusion Dance Crew managed by Felicia Ibanez and Ric Lyle, was formed in late 2010.  Over the last two and half years Fusion Dance Crew has grown and now consider ourselves a very creative SL dance group.

We are small in numbers and are always pushing boundaries in order to create and deliver jaw dropping shows.  Our routines typically bring the full package:  theme, music, costumes, sets, dance animations, stories, and special effects.

To-date we have presented 17 shows with over 72 routines to include solos, duets, and group routines.   It was not easy but, we selected 9 routines to present the Best of Fusion Dance Crew on Saturday, January 26, 2013, 1PM SLT at The Fusion Performing Arts Center. We hope you can come to see our artistry and enjoy the music, stage sets, stories, costumes and of course the dancing!

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