Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's a Strumpet Thing!

It's a Strumpet Thing! 130116

Chopsy Bode sent us this invitation ...


Ladies and gents roll up! roll up! for what is sure to be one Helluva show!

Spot On Productions & The Lady Garden Cabaret Presents....
 "It's a Strumpet Thing!"

Gina has been entertaining audiences in Second Life for years with her interpretations of Jazz & Blues classics, Burlesque and modern hits. Her laughter and giggles on stage are infectious and charm her many fans. 

Today, we join her on the stage... mesmerizing us with her velvet smooth voice as she swaggers her way through a delicious set of racy Burlesque numbers.. a teasing little mixture of some of SL's best known Dance Troupe members from The LGC Minxettes and The Sexy Kittens, add their own little magic to Gina's performance..

So come join the Strumpet Brigade and discover the Burlesque scene in SL..
If we like you we might keep you.
Show starts at 3pm, no dress code, just be lag friendly.
See you there xx
 IM Galilla Sinatra for further details if needed. x


Galilla sent a poster later to be included ...

and the comment:

''Ttoo :)  Thanks for listing the Gina Gracemount show on the blog.  Did you get the poster?  Chopsy made a really cool poster.  Also, can you mention that members of the Sexy Kittens are in it as well?  It's a collaboration of LGC Minxettes and the Sexy Kittens.  It's gonna be a blast!"