Thursday, November 1, 2012

Copiers Gone Wild - Romah Dance HUD

Copiers Gone Wild -  Romah Dance HUD 121101

A DANCE QUEENS member told me about the Romah Dance HUD being sold on SL Marketplace by Mahsoobk Violet. The HUD is a copy of the Huddles EZ Animator Basic and contains stolen Sine Wave dances. Easy Babcock knows about it and I expect the HUD will be removerd soon. I also sent a note to the Huddles maker, Keiki Lemieux.

Although we have seen dance animations copied previously, this is the first time a script has been copied that I know of. It seems that the copiers are getting more sophisticated. Fortunately, we have a lot of DANCE QUEENS members helping to find these destroyers of SL fun.

Anyway, I put it on the Illegal Dance List. It seems every rock we turn over has one of these slimy people under it.