Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SL Dance Videos for 121128

SL Dance Videos for 121128

Here are the La Oro High Schoolers giving us some hiphop breaking in a video by Foxie Dinzeo.

Foxie has a second video. This one is also by the La Oro gents and is called 'Wed the Bed.'

This is Draven Darkshadow's romantic couples dance 'Our Time'

MyAnimation has released a new promo video of their Gangnam Style dances. Of course the anims are good and I like the popping of the video matching the music

Check out Babypea von Phoenix' Gorean dance 'Garden of Shadows.' I particularly like the costume change at about 3 minutes. This dance features emoting which you can read if you click the lower right button on the video window to make it full screen.

It's fun to see how different video makers interpret the same dance perfromance. A few days ago Danse Macrabre by Cherry Manga was featured in a video by Cherry. Here is the same performance in a video by dahir Sapphire.

If I missed your SL dance video, send me a note or IM with the URL.