Friday, November 30, 2012

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121130

New SL Dance Videos and Photos 121130
It seems that Gangnam videos are almost as numerous as Gangnam animations. Here is a video by Ester Auroline. I do like the use of a stop when the video view changes.
Even the furries are doing it Gangnam Style in this video by Kurokyuuketsuki D.

I'm about Gangnamed out, but here is one more by satirotaru. At least at the end of the video is how I feel about seeing another Gangnam Style video.

Here is a combo ballet and cheerleading dance practice by Stacey Zirgar called Alisa Zirgar's Dance Practice. I particularly like the sunglasses on a ballet dancer.
Next is a video by maialyre with hot dancing, hot cars and racing. It's called Second Life - LI Drift.

As I watch all these videos I begin to think about the use of camera angles inluding close ups and distance shots. I also think about movement around the stage. What are the things that make a video really good? Of course, the dancing has to fit the music and be technically proficient, but for a video and a show there is more. Hmmm. I guess that's what makes us creative.

Of course as soon as I start thinking about camera angles along comes a weird video like Dangdut Remix - Second Life by Anita Yustisia. I think the music is Indonesian. The in and out camera effect is unusual for me.

If you really want to think outside the box, take a look at the camera work in this video entitled 'Me' by BOTDFlover5. The choreography needs work but the video idea is different.

Psyche Lunasea posted her MaHal Burlesque I video ... it's 45 minutes long, but features Psyche's usual first-class choreography.

yumixland made this next video and added some special split screen effects. It's called Sexy Girl Dancing.

Henmations put out a Zumba Dance video and a LA Dance video

If I missed your videos or photos, IM me.