Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Illegal Dance Update

Illegal Dance Update 121031

With Easy Babcock's return and the addition of a new illegal dance maker this week, I decided to update the Illegal Dance Maker list. I understand that Easy is filing DMCA reports on the copiers of his animations and you can see from the list that some of the more blatant copiers are no longer selling illegal dances. There still are a few left but I expect that most of them will be gone in the next week or so.

If you bought illegal dances, you will get a notice from Linden Lab telling you that you now have replacement animations. When you click on the dance name the replacement dance plays. Usually it is a simple turn that is of no use at all. This will occur to all illegal dances you own including those in inventory and your HUDs.

What can you do? Generally you can do nothing. By buying illegal dances you lose your money and you have to deal with the dances populating your HUD and the mess it creates. This is one reason most DANCE QUEENS members are so careful about purchasing legal dances. However, if you bought dances from a seller who is still in business, I suggest that you demand your money back and give them a piece of your mind for messing up your HUD. I added the names where I could of the sellers so you can go after them if you want.