Monday, November 26, 2012

Copybotted Dances Investigated by Tiviyah Resident

Copybotted Dances Investigated by Tiviyah Resident 121126

Tiviyah copied me on the note below and agreed to have her name appear in this post ...


To: Jariah Yuhara, A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop; Ramona Criss, MyAnimation; Live Gears, Studio4D; Easy Babcock/Sinewave Gears, Sinewave; Marcus Adkins, Humanoid Animations; Dancing Lemon, There in Spirit; Hendrik Schroeder, Henmations; Abramelin Wolfe, Abranimations; Nomasha Syaka, Ministry of Motion; Wild Moo, 3FX

From: Tiviyah Resident, Manager of A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop & Concerned Dancer/Shopper

Greetings ~

I really wish I were writing under better circumstances, but unfortuantely this needs to be put out there in the open.  Due to the prompting of a friend of mine, I have been doing some investigating into a copybotter.  At the time, it was just suspected... now, I have confirmation that there are MANY copybotted animations.  I'm going to try my damnedest to stay concise, and give you the information you need in an organized fashion, if I can.

..:: The Avatars ::..

So far, these are the confirmed avatar names involved in this issue:
--- Billie Solari (Owner of both the store and the dance club)
--- Dirtypop Resident (store alt)
--- ANUKIS Nagy (listed creator of one of the animtions)
--- Cubanbee Resident (listed creator of some of the animations)
--- Emlyn Serenity (listed creator of some of the animations)
--- maridyth Resident (listed creator of some of the animtions)
--- Ever Bluestar (listed creator of some of the animations)

..:: The Stolen Items ::..

Obviously since I'm notecard dance creators, these people have stolen dance animations from you.

..:: The Locations ::..

Here are the two landmarks for the places these animations were found:
--- Dirty POP Store (located on the 2nd floor)
--- Sk8d Dance Club
--- Keep in mind there are only 37 demos in the Dirty POP store.  If you visit her marketplace store and filter to Animations, there are 340 animations there.
Store Link:

..:: What Items Does She Have? ::..

Here is a notecard of the documented source of everything available in world.  I put this notecard together myself, personally demo-ing each of the 37 gestures and then going through the 84 dances in her club's dance floor.  The sources are accurate as far as I know.

((Things that are located in the Dirty POP store are notated as DP.  Things in the Sk8d dance club are notated as SK.  The number refers to the number on the notecard underneath that category.  So DP1 would be the first animation listed from the Dirty POP store.))
--- Live Gears (Studio4D): DP1, DP3 - 7, DP11, DP14 - 19, DP28, DP30 - 31, DP34, DP36 - 37; SK11 - 13, SK32 - 74
Total Animations Stolen: 64

--- Jariah Yuhara (A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop): DP2, DP8, DP12 - 13, DP26, DP32 - 33, DP35, SK1 - 2, SK4, SK10, SK29
Total Animations Stolen: 13

--- Easy Babcock/Sinewave Gears (Sinewave): DP9 - 10, DP21, DP23 - 25, DP27, SK9, SK78 - 84
Total Animations Stolen: 15

--- Ramona Criss (MyAnimation): DP20, SK14 - 28
Total Animations Stolen: 16
*** Also: The building the Dirty POP store is in, has your name listed as the creator.  If you didn't give her the building, I'd check into that too. ***

--- Marcus Adkins (Humanoid Animations): SK5, SK75 - 77
Total Animations Stolen: 4

--- Hendrik Schroeder (Henmations): SK 8 (not certain, but going off the HM in her naming of it.)
Total Animations Stolen: 1

--- Abramelin Wolfe (Abranimations): This was not listed on mine, but a friend told me that the Dougie gesture dancer that Billie sells, has you listed as the creator.
Total Animations Stolen: 1

--- Unknown/Unidentified: DP22, DP29, SK3, SK6 - 7, SK30 - 31
Total Animations Stolen: 7

---Grand Total Animations Stolen: 121 + non-duplicates on the Marketplace

..:: What Do I Do Now? ::..

I would HIGHLY encourage EACH of you to report each of those avatars involved in the stealing of animations from you and your fellow content creators.  DMCA reports are, from what I'm told, extremely important in cases like this.  Creators that are lax about reporting only make it harder for the original content creators in SL who are protective of their original work... so please do no just disregard your stolen property.  Take action to be sure that this theif/these theives are stopped!  There are plenty of other copybotters out there, but this will at least make one less stealing from those of you who work hard to do what you do... ESPECIALLY for you mocap animators for which this is tied to an RL company.  People are stealing from you.  Please don't take this lightly.
..:: Questions? ::..
Help each other!  If you've never filed anything related to DMCA before, please ask someone who has... and those of you who have, please use this opportuntiy to come together to help your fellow content creators protect their intellectual property.

If you have any questions about the information that I've personally provided, feel free to notecard me and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Kindest Regards,
Tivi Shenzhou (Tiviyah Resident)
Manager, A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop
Concerned Dancer & Shopper


By the time I got to the offending locations the dances had already been removed ... good work Tiviyah. I added the locations with the names of the thieves to the Illegal Dance Sellers List. We are making progress on stopping illegal dance sellers, but one improvement I would like to see is that Linden Labs bans the sellers of illegal dances. Some of these stores no longer sell the illegal dances, but the owners are still in businesss ... they should be gone from SL.

Hahahaha, anyway, that's it for illegal dances for today.