Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cupid Shuffle Video

Cupid Shuffle Video 121107

MarissaCloud sent us this video and said, "The Cupid Shuffle is a little known USA dance craze from the South, growing in popularity since Cupid's appearance on NBC's popular reality show The Voice."

MarissaCloud of the A&M Maniacs & Di4Dance is a creole dancer from Lafayette, Louisiana. She asked fellow cajun Spicey Milneaux  & me to join her in her SL backyard to do the "Cupid Shuffle", a new dance available from A&M.

It's really cute and good for parties. I really had to laugh at the insertion of the grilling during the song. The video was made by Chet Silverfall.

I love how SL dancing let's us express our own cultural heritage and share it. I mean where else could a high-rise living girl from Buenos Aires get to eat crawdads.