Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DANCE QUEENS Dance Database Changes

DANCE QUEENS Dance Database Changes 121113

I have just completed updating the DANCE QUEENS Dance Database and we now have 10,165 entries. This is about 1500 more entries since the last update a month and a half ago. Many thanks to Psyche Lunasea, Beach and Barbara Collazo who sent me information on new or missing dances and animations.

I have been having difficulty uploading the database to the Google spreadsheet. In fact I have not been able to upload the updated version even though I am using exactly the same procedure as I have used previously. I have also experienced problems sorting the data that is already uploaded, so I expect that many of you may have problems also.

I decided to look at other ways to share the data and found that Microsoft has a method for doing this. It has two disadvantages, but also two advantages. The advantages are first that I can upload the entire spreadsheet and you can access it on the web, and second that you can download the spreadsheet into your own Excel program and manipulate the data as you wish. Of course, we all worry about viruses, so, if you do not want to download the spreadsheet, you can cut and paste it into an Excel or other spreadsheet. Anyway, this is a big plus for you to use the data.

The negatives are first that you have to sign up for Windows Live to see the spreadsheet. It's an easy process and I used my Nottoo Wise name instead of my real name without problems. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. The second negative is that, although you can see the data once you sign up, you cannot manipulate it unless you have Excel. To manipulate the data you need to download the spreadsheet then open it in another spreadsheet program like Google spreadsheet on your local computer.

The database is found by clicking on the link "Dance Database" in the upper right of the DANCE QUEENS blog. I have put two ways to access the database. The new way has all the updated information. The old way I will leave until the next update in about a month and a half, but it gives you only the information that was posted a month and a half ago.