Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Swingin' 121114

I have mentioned before that I used to make a lot of dance-related equipment for fun. I was reminded of it again today when I came across in my inventory a swing I had made long ago. Here I am in front of one of the versions.

In 2009 I still owned with Riddle our club called NOT TOO HOT and I made a lot of dance related stuff ... mostly junk. The swing kind of fits into that category. I took a swing script from a freebie swing set and made a swing with a pedestal. In the pedestal I put a few freebie dances that were okay in quality and were also copy-trans. Then, I put a script in the pedestal that activated the first animation and allowed the user to switch anims by entering Shift-Right Arrow. To use it, just sit on it and you begin dancing and swinging.


I made a lot of versions of the swing by simply changing the texture and color on the ball and pedestal. Now you can dance and swing. If you want to put in your own dances, just add or remove the animations that are in the swing's pedestal.

If you want to stop the swinging just click on the swing.

You can also modify the swing. For example, here is an old picture from NOT TOO HOT where I had put dance poles on the pedestal.

If you want one of these swings I have put it in the Free Stuff box at Dance Central.