Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RP in Ancient Egypt/Alexandria

RP in Ancient Egypt/Alexandria 121030

Rhiannon Carlucci sent us this invitation ...


RP in Ancient Egypt/Alexandria

Rhiana t'Rllaillieu (Rhiannon Carlucci) is starting a family (Household) as well as a dance school/troupe in Ancient Alexandria, and is recruiting RPers, dancers and more. Based on the Households from MikeD 2 old Roman sims, The Families in Alex will compete with each other to become ‘The Best’. This will create some very good RP and fun while also helping Alex.

IM Rhiannon Carlucci if you’re interested. Even if your not interested in the family or dancing, Ancient Alexandria still offers a LOT! Come check us out!


What are the Alexandrian Families?

The Families of Ancient Alexandria are just that: families. They include actual family members as well the household staff, servants, slaves, gladiators, Etc.

The families compete with each other to become ‘The Best’. Many things could go into being The Best: Number of people in the family; level of RP; number of people holding high roles in the sim; success of fighters; number of events held; sponsoring tournaments and many other things. Bottom line, “The Best Family” would be the family that helped the most with making Alexandria better.
There’s also a lot of ‘One-Upmanship’ and rivalry between the various families, as they work to increase their personal and family ‘dignitas’ (to use a Roman word). Dignitas was a man’s personal share of public standing in the community, and involved his moral and ethical worth, his reputation and his entitlement to respect and proper treatment.

The t'Rllaillieu Family.

One of Egypt’s oldest families, the t'Rllaillieu family produced many excellent and extraordinary people over the millennia, most notably our "Great Ancestor", Riʻmīsisu II (in English, Rameses II ), regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire.

That is the standard which the t'Rllaillieu must strive to live up to. They will be opulent, extravagant, charming, popular, charismatic, flamboyant, self confident and performers. They are fantastic lovers as well as successful generals, clever poets and elegant intellectuals. They will change Egypt forever.
t'Rllaillieu family today is a home for all the excellent people, warriors, leaders and craftsmen, who come from all over the world, lost their homes or families by being threatened or in battle, who have to live in exile, but are loyal Alexandrian soldiers and residents.

With Rhiana as Head of the Family, the t'Rllaillieu are especially dedicated to having dancers, musicians and other artists as family members.


Rhiana t'Rllaillieu was born to mid-level Egyptian nobility during the reign of Ptolemy XII Auletes.
At a very young age, Rhia began showing a natural and remarkable aptitude for dance. The dance teachers of the area, upon seeing Rhia’s innate talent, urged her parents to allow her to train with the empire’s Dance Masters. They readily agreed, and thus little Rhia began what would amount to nearly 2 decades of dance training.

Egypt, Persia, Armenia, Macedonia, Arabia. She trained with all the Great Masters, and performed before commoners and monarchs alike. With each performance Rhia’s fame grew, and as it did, so too did the legend grow that the finest dancers in the known world came from Egypt.
Outwardly proud of her ‘Jewel of the Nile’, as Rhia had come to be known, Pharaoh also harbored a private annoyance with her, once referring to Rhia as “Egypt’s MISSING National Treasure”.
Finally, the day came when the dance masters reluctantly informed Rhia that they had nothing more that they could teach her.

Grateful for all they had done for her, Rhia intended to reward them lavishly. To her surprise, they refused to accept the gold and jewels she offered, telling her, “You may well be the greatest dancer of a generation; it has been our honor and our privilege having you as a student. For us, that is reward enough. We ask only one thing of you: Share freely your skills, talent and knowledge with ANY who wish to learn The Art of The Dance; teach those who will become The Dancers of the future.”
And so, Rhia began the journey home, at long last feeling herself worthy of dancing before Pharaoh herself, and ready to offer herself into Pharaoh's service as dancer and dance instructor.

Yet, Rhia was deeply troubled. It was not Pharaoh who worried her, it was Pharaoh’s High Priestess and the other priestesses and dancers. Would they welcome Rhia and perhaps eventually befriend her? Or, would her remarkable beauty and the refined sensuality of her dance cause them to see her as a possible threat to their positions?

A threat to be removed...