Wednesday, October 24, 2012

November Variety Show

November Variety Show 121024

Zhaza Zerbino sent us this information pack about the upcoming Variety Show ...


Hejsa everyone ;o)

I already spoke with some of you earlier and promised to send a note out later.
Well, here it is ;o)

First of all...
We have moved to another place!
Still building up here, but it slowly start to look like something.
Please jump by when you have time / are in the mood!


Next is...
We will have a "Mini Variety Show" on the 3rd of November.
There we still will be in Halloween mood, but the show can be anything you like.

*You can book a slot between 1.00 - 4.00 pm and it have to be max 15 minutes.
*There are 4 stage-platforms available, but i can rez more if needed.
*you have a free 100 prim limit and i take it as an "of course we do" at you also take care of the scripts, so you dont bother the other performers.

The land we are on have its own group tag and i need to know in a good time who needs a tag to rez (latest 2 days before the show)

If you are interested to join, then please send me as soon as possible the time you wish, so i can make a nice schedule.

I will make an update on our homepage as much as possible, so there you will find more info.

(see also the Calendar when i will update as soon i can the booked time slots)

If you know anyone who could be interested to fill in some slots, then please send this note further ;o)

You can read more about the Variety shows on the home page "Variety Show"


Knuzzer ZZ ;o))
(Zhaza Zerbino)