Monday, October 22, 2012

Mirror Dancing Part 2

Miror Dancing Part 2 121022

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a log post about mirror dancing. A few days ago Arabella Luminos told me that Halfpint Raymaker had made some interesting innovations on mirror dancing. Here is a pic that Arabella sent me:

 I contacted Half and she sent me a summary of what she is doing. Here is it:

here r sites i use learn  mirror reflection!

here is the link to mirror reflection

i really don't like it but look at it . i can redo it it was a quick made video i did.
oh i forgot to put the tutorial link on the website

Halfpint Raymaker

Half is innovating something new for dancing. It's perhaps more useful for videos than for 'live' performances, but it's definitely something new for dancing.

Thanks Half.