Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finding Dance Times

Finding Dance Times 121016

I received an IM from a DANCE QUEENS member today asking how to find dance loop times. The dance loop times used to be on a  page accessible directly from the right side of the blog. Since the loop times are included in the information about individual dances and animations in the database, I have removed the dance time page. To find the loop time in the database, look in the upper right of your screen and click on Dance Database, then click on the word in red, Spreadsheet. This takes you to the dance database. The loop times in seconds are in column H. The maximum time for an SL anim is 30 seconds.

In the last couple of years most of the major MOCAP Dance Makers have been including the dance loop times in their dance properties or name. This has helped a lot in getting accurate loop times. In the last couple of days I have had conversations with Vista Barnes of Vista and Haimrich Fredricksson of Tuty's to expand this to stands. Vista says most of his stands are 30 seconds.

I have previously posted on how to time dances. This is what you have to do if there is not a posted dance time.