Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Easy Babcock Lives

Easy Babcock Lives 121023

Psyche Lunasea sent me an IM that I got when I logged on ... "[18:32] Psyche Lunasea: (Saved Tue Oct 23 21:21:36 2012)Hi Nottoo, Sine Wave is back!"


What a surprise. Psyche even talked to him and told him about the pirated dances. HAHAHAHA! Evil doers I think your day has come.

Anyway, there are new dances at Sine Wave.

Later, Easy posted this notice.


New Dances
Tue, Oct 23 2012 7:23:07 PM PDT

Hi, as a regular Sine Wave customer we thought you would like to know we have released some new moves - the first for 2 years! You can find them here "Sine Wave Island (49,77,23)". Hope you like them!!