Monday, October 1, 2012

Mirror Dancing

Mirror Dancing 121001

SexyS Quintessa stopped by the area where I am working on my dance show, SOMBRA. While she was there she asked me if I knew of any dances that would allow dancing like in a mirror. Mirror Dancing would require two avatars in SL dancing mirror image dances. It's is like your left hand is a mirror image of your right hand.

I told SexyS that I had never seen a mirror image dance. I have only seen animated pose turns that are mirror images.

SexyS' idea is an interesting one and may not be too hard for Dance Makers to make. I can imagine an automated process that would do this for the up to 900 frames in a full length dance (30 frames per second times 30 seconds max per SL animation).

How would we use mirror dances? I can think of lots of ways.
  1. One idea is to put mirror dances in shows. It would be something different to see.
  2. Another idea is to make locations where there are mirrors in SL. Maybe you have never seen one. Riddle and I have been playing with making a dance city on our sim and Riddle made a ballet hall with a mirror. It would be a great place for a mirror dance.
  3. A third possibility is for club dancing especially for two people face to face. I often dance with two using the same animation. A mirrored anim would be different and cool.
To control mirror dancing you would need something like a couples dance controller like the MLDU-5 or a sim dance machine like the INTAN, Henmations Club Control or the TIS Hybrid. I understand that the next version of the Barre will have couples capability, too.
So, dance makers, make us some mirror dances. It may even increase your sales with little added work.
Thanks SexyS for the idea.