Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dance Pictures and Videos - Add Yours

Dance Pictures and Videos - Add Yours 120526

A few days ago I posted the DANCE QUEENS blog analysis and asked for ideas and help to make the blog and DANCE QUEENS more effective. Aeryn Brooks and chryblnd both responded with comments and JeanBaptiste Eilde sent me a touching email. More visual content is a strong message I am hearing.

I looked at chryblnd's Idle Rogue blog, Psyche Lunasea's Mahal blog and at Inarra Saarinen's Ballet Pixelle blog and WOW I do love the visuals. This got me thinking about the role of DANCE QUEENS and this blog. I think it has evolved into the source of information for serious dancers in SL. It is part a "how to" guide and source of data on what is needed for dancing, and it is part promotion of dance, almost a magazine highlighting dancing, the artistry and the fun.

So I am starting on making the blog more visual and more promotional of dancing. I do not want to lose the "how to" side of the blog or the opportunity to rant about things I don't like, such as illegal dances, but more visual and more excitement is what I want to bring.

Hmmm, how to do it?

Picking up with Aeryn's idea to use Flickr for photos I opened an account (Nottoo.Wise) and uploaded 17 pictures I had on my computer. Check them out. Here are a couple of examples from my Flickr album:

These are pictures I made as I was thinking about how to create the visual impact I wanted for the dance show and video that Riddle and I did for the DANCE QUEENS Choreography Show II

Next, I thought, well, how do we show the same thing for the many different groups and people in DANCE QUEENS. So, here is my thinking now.

I am very willing to look on a daily or frequent basis at websites, video sites (e.g. youtube) and photo sites (e.g. Flickr) for SL dance content. When I see something new, I will post it to this blog with a picture or link and put it in the Publicity section of the blog for future reference. BUT, I need to know where to look.

Some sites I already know about, such as the websites that many of the different dance groups in SL have, but most photos and videos I do not know about. So, tell me where to find them and we will publicize what you have done and begin to build an archive of them. I don't know exactly what the archive will look like, but it sure sounds exciting to see what we all do, to organize it in some way, and to share it.

If anyone would like to help with this on an on-going basis, let me know.