Saturday, May 26, 2012

Henmations MOCAP Creation Video

Henmations MOCAP Creation Video 120526

I often talk to different dance makers and to dance equipment makers. Today, I was talking with Hendrik Schroeder of Henmations. He was excited about the recent Henmations video that shows the MOCAP dance making process. Here it is:

Hendrik has been telling me about the equipment that Henmations uses for making MOCAP dances and in this video you can see it for the first time. He also talks a lot about the importance of not only the dancers, who must definitely be talented, but also the steps required to convert the dances from RL to SL.

Here is what Hendrik said to me, "...i could say something about cleanups and footsteps
[14:50] Hendrik Schroeder: these are the main issues on sl
[14:51] Hendrik Schroeder: most animators don't do a real cleanup here
[14:51] Hendrik Schroeder: they transfer the data to some program and edit it manually.. so the natural movement of the mocap data gets lost
[14:52] Hendrik Schroeder: with a real cleanup you reconstruct the data like it should be
[14:52] Hendrik Schroeder: its a bit technical and hard to explain, but
especially for dances like shuffles, it's important to translate the footsteps correctly, sliding feet (that you see very often) would destroy the realism of the animation"

Well, I definitely will be looking at leg movement on these kind of fast dances.

As we, the users of the animations, become more knowledgeable I think that pushes the dance makers to improve quality. This is a win for us and I thank Hendrik for helping us understand a little more about the process.

I know that other animation creators also are proud of their work and I will share more of my conversations with them in the future.