Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Laugher from Zed

A Laugher from Zed 120531

Zed Karas and I had this IM exchange earlier today ...

[04:51:23] Zed Karas: hi Nottoo, sorry to bother you, can you spare a moment at all?
[04:51:33] Nottoo Wise: hi zed xxx
[04:51:35] Nottoo Wise: of course
[04:51:55] Zed Karas: thought you might like a laugh, have you seen a mocap suit in sl before?
[04:52:11] Nottoo Wise: like u wear?
[04:52:14] Zed Karas: yes
[04:52:16] Nottoo Wise: hahaha
[04:52:19] Nottoo Wise: never
[04:52:23] Zed Karas: i just made one
[04:52:26] Zed Karas: want to see?
[04:52:27] Nottoo Wise: wow
[04:52:29] Nottoo Wise: yes

So, Zed TPd me.


This is what I saw ...

Zed, I love your sense of humor. HAHAHAHAHA.


After I made the pic and was home again, I started thinking about something that I had done last year. I was investigating how to make MOCAP dances and discovered that some people do it using the Kinnect gaming system from Microsoft. Google bvh from kinnect and you will see what is going on. Yes, it's possible. Last year I even bought a Kinnect system to see if I could do it. Of course, my enthusiasm got ahead of my skills and I got bogged down in connecting wires and reading detailed instructions, which I have a low tolerance for. So, my Kinnect now is a dust catcher.

It did make me think about not only making MOCAP dances, but also how RL and SL dancing can intertwine. Right now MOCAP dances in SL come from RL dancers whose skills are captured and converted to .bvh files that are imported into SL. Several of the MOCAP dance makers including MyAnimation, Henmation and HUMANOID have nice videos showing how they do it. So, now the relationship is RL to SL for dancing.

But ... have you ever danced an SL dance and found yourself behind your chair dancing away. Maybe even imitating the SL dance? This is the beginning of SL to RL. I have even used some of the SL dance moves on the RL dance floor. HAHAHAHA. People really wondered where I got those moves.

Zed's pic isn't so far from a possible reality. Why couldn't those SL dance moves be put in a Kinnect system and used to teach dancing? Why couldn't those SL sensors that Zed made be connected to software that activates a robot suit that you wear in RL? That is SL to RL ... and maybe it isn't so far away.