Friday, May 18, 2012

Setting Up a Stage for a Major Festival

Setting Up a Stage for a Major Festival 120518

Dubhna Rhiadra is going to participate in the Second Life birthday event (SL9B) and has been communicating with the organizers about stages. She copied her note to me and has given me permission to print it. Here it is with slight editing ...


hi KT

I didn't send you notes coz I thought I should make contact first.

It's not hard to build a stage for performing arts- basically less is more.

1) Last year we were offered 2 possible stages- one had 4 simlines going through the middle of it and one had 2 sims joining in the middle.  If you have a dance or theatre group you need to be able to move around on the stage not just stand in one spot on a poseball which is what musicians do. So- no sim lines right through the middle- I expect you really already know this :) Maybe have a sim line between the stage and the audience, to reduce lag from audience - lots of companies do this, for example Ballet Pixelle. But that can cause problems if the company is using voice - which we did last year.

2) Most dance companies will bring their own set, which they need to rezz. We have a whole stage really, so there is no need to have an elaborate stage. The simpler the space the fewer problems there will be.  Plus simple low-prim seating with only one pose. 

3) For myself I would prefer to use my own music stream and not have to change all the settings in Nullsoft to use someone else's stream. The information I was given last year in order to use the SLB stream was wrong anyway, so that caused a lot more stress when I was trying to set up the stage in minimum time. I would imagine everyone else would feel the same and it is less expense for the SLB team not to have to use their own streams.  Just have someone on hand to paste up the stream when it's needed. This works everywhere else we tour our shows.

Doc Gascoine told me SLB is no longer being run by LL but is now a community project, so maybe there will be more flexibility around these matters.  I am sure anyone who has genuine experience inworld of any kind of performance will already know these things :)

Another point: Storytelling is now a very big scene in SL- a small storytelling area would mean this important SL art could be represented.  All it needs is a small area with seating and voice activated. Caledonia Skytower and Derry McMahon from Seanchia Library Group are the best contacts for that.


For the DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival I will provide more information to the performing groups about the arrangement of the stages and seating. Since each group will make their own performance and audience area except those choosing to perform with the square area mentioned in Update 1 of the dance festival, I recommend the single pose seating.