Thursday, May 24, 2012

DANCE QUEENS Blog Analysis 1205

DANCE QUEENS Blog Analysis 1205 (120524)

Last January I gave you a summary of the information that I receive using Google Analytics of this blog, DANCE QUEENS ... Here is an update on how the blog is being used. Don't worry, I cannot determine individual use of the blog or identify any person. All of the data is available to me as summary data only.

First, the membership of DANCE QUEENS has increased just over 24% in the four months since January.

Date           Members
120124         335
120524         417

Let me give you the data for the last seven days, May 16 - 23, 2012.

Here is the summary of visits and pages viewed on the DANCE QUEENS blog:

One of the comparisons with January is the increase in unique visitors at 299 compared with 275 in January. That's only a 9% increase in visitors. That tells me the blog is becoming less useful as a place for people to visit. The actual number of page views has declined from 1190 in January to 1163 in May.

Hmmm, I think the blog may be boring people.

The pages viewed per visit is down about 14% to 2.17 from 2.51. This tells me that there is a tendency to look only at the new things on the blog or maybe people are looking more for specific things.

Bounce rate is an indicator of whether a person opens a second page on the blog or leaves. A rate of 65% leaving may support the idea that people are using the blog more for the new content only.

Another set of data that I look at is the country of the visitors. Of course, I look at the blog a lot and my data is not included. Here are the top ten countries where people are located:

This distribution of countries is not too different from the distribution in January.


Well, it seems that the blog is becoming less useful to the SL dance community. Although there are only two data points (one week in January and one week in May), the results still do not make me happy.

I am interested in your ideas how to make the blog more useful. The March survey of DANCE QUEENS members, did not identify any major changes that are needed, but I am willing to consider major changes. Some ideas that immediately come to me are:

1. Broadening the content of the blog ... I have put about every dance subject I can think of in the blog. What has been missed?

2. Broadening the authorship of the blog ... anyone want to be a regular or occasional columnist? editor? or even the publisher?

3. Go the other direction and make the blog simply a data reference source with the dance database as the core.





  1. I would personally like to see more pictures. Second Life is a visual medium and a lot of people go to SL blogs for the pictures. Maybe even videos of dances and your sequences in action.

  2. I agree with Aeryn, and I find graphic content on my own blog is always popular. Maybe link it to a flickr group, to let you filter a little. I know there are always tons of photos from our shows, so selecting just one might be challenging.
    I also like guest bloggers and would be delighted to submit something ... when I think of something :-)

    1. And I agree with Chryblnd! Having a Flickr group where other dancers can submit images that appear on a widget would work great. It would need moderation, and I'm not sure if anyone would be willing to do that. But I dance a lot while roleplaying and would love to share that.