Thursday, May 10, 2012

Using the DANCE QUEENS Database

Using the DANCE QUEENS Database 120510

The DANCE QUEENS Database is always available through the "Dance Database" link in the upper right corner of the DANCE QUEENS Blog. The database represents one output of the Access Database that Riddle and I have developed of SL dances and animations.

When you click on the link you are taken to the database default screen. The database default lists all the dances and anims in the database in alphabetical order. If you are searching for a specific dance or animation, just find it alphabetically.

If you want to sort the data, be sure you are in List mode (look under View). In List mode you can sort the different fields. For example, if you want to know the all the dances that are the STYLE - Break, use the drop down button just below the Column E and select Break. If you just want to order by a specific column, just click on the column for an alphabetical listing. By playing with the database, you will quickly learn its capabilities. Do not worry, you cannot add or remove data or damage it.

If you  want to learn more about the Classification system see the Dance Database link in the upper right corner of the Blog.

You will find blank spaces in many places. If you know what the proper information is, let me (Nottoo) know. I will add it to the Access database and it will appear in the DANCE QUEENS Database when I update it. I will update about once per month.

Here are some more things you can do with the database:

For questions or suggestions, contact either Riddle or me.