Sunday, May 13, 2012

Using Multiple INTANs

Using Multiple INTANs 120513

A question came up on the DANCE QUEENS Group IM today about using multiple INTANs on the same parcel or sim. The specific question was:

"The place I am at has two other intan balls, and mine keeps interfering with them when I try to use the menu. I'm not sure what to do"

After a bit of talking I found an old note on the subject from the INTAN creator, Cecilia Zheng. Here is what she says to do:

"if you have 2 or more of Intan Couple Dance Ball in a sim, you have to change some configuration in the second Couple Dance Ball and Couple Dance Anyplace that you want to point to the second.

You will open notecard named "Setting" in both Couple Dance Ball and Couple Dance Anyplace and find line that start with"network:". Replace the value with your preferred name and make it match between Couple Dance Ball And Couple Dance Anyplace

You may need Intan Couple Dance Anyplace with mod permission to able do this. You can contact us (Cecilia Zheng) to get modifiable Intan Couple Dance Anyplace."

This solved the problem.