Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eternal Bliss Photography Sells Illegal SL Dances

Eternal Bliss Photography Sells Illegal SL Dances 120529

Evildoers, you cannot escape the keen eyes of DANCE QUEENS.

I had this IM exchange with a DANCE QUEENS member. I removed her name so she can be free of harassment ...

[20:23:21] DQ Member: hello Ttoo
[20:24:34] Nottoo Wise: hey ___ xxx
[20:24:46] DQ Member: I think I found ripped off dances
[20:25:00] DQ Member: I only looked at one, black cherries for $50
[20:25:03] DQ Member: then I left

[20:25:25] Nottoo Wise: ty hahaha
[20:25:28] DQ Member: I;ll put it on and you tell me
[20:25:29] Nottoo Wise: ill check it out
[20:25:32] DQ Member: k
[20:25:50] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx

So, I put on my investigator's hat and TPd there. Hahaha. YES, another crime has been committed. I didn't even need the investigator's hat. Some of the dances still had Easy Babcock's name on them.

So, I added the place to the Illegal Dance Spreadsheet. Since Easy never seems to be online, I skipped the normal notecard to him. When he finally comes back from the dead, he will have a lot of dmca (copyright infringement) reports to write.

And, I also added to the Illegal Dance Maker list that iRAWK is no longer selling illegal dances. Hahahah.