Thursday, June 21, 2018

Two Debauche shows this weekend!

Saturday, 23rd June, 12:00 pm SLT, Oasis

One stage. One show.

TWO amazing dance troupes to delight, dazzle and defy the limits of expectation.

Oasis and Debauche come together again in one amazing show.

You do not want to miss this one. The show of shows.

Saturday, 23rd June, 12:00 pm SLT, Oasis

Be there.

Click for your ride to there!

Sunday 24th June At last Debauche dance at home 1245pm SLT

That's right, this is always the show we look forward to. We promise you we will bring what we consider the very best of the best dances.

 Total adventure, fantasy and the spectacular. Romance, beauty and yes even bit of sadness.

 Full on showgirl to that little bit of mystery - Debauche will dance it all.

  What makes Debauche dancing at our theater even more special is YOU. That's right its totally true, you, our delightful and fantastic true fans come to your theater, our venue and join in this amazing theatrical stunning show the Debauche way.

12.45pm slt 24th June

Come home with us!