Thursday, June 28, 2018

Debauche & Debauche/Oasis This Weekend

Saturday 30th June 1pm SLT The Trophy Room

Come join us as we return once more to one of our absolute favourite places, The Trophy Room. A wonderful place to relax, to chat, to play, to be.......well now, thats your choice. Always.

Curtain opens at 1pm. Please arrive early, dress smart / casual and keep an eye on those scripts.

Debauche -  Sexy, raunchy, always classy.

You know you wanna...

ADVISORY - The sim is closed to the public but WILL open an hour before the show


Sunday 1st July 12pm SLT

Once again, two dance troupes, one stage, one amazing show.

Come join us in our home theater as Oasis return the compliment to visit us and set the stage alight.

Another show you really do not want to miss.; Debauche and Oasis, together.

Curtain opens at 12pm. Come spend some time with us. You will LOVE it.

See you there xxx