Monday, June 11, 2018

Harleyquin Workshops - June 12th through June 16th

Instructor:  Eva Harley
All Workshops are held in voice, no fee to attend
No registration required, please arrive early

All are welcome, and no registration is required!  Whether brand new to dance, dipping in your toes, or pushing the limits of your dance tools - there is a workshop for you!  If you have any questions, please contact EvaHarley Resident in-world.  Hope to see you there!

Please arrive early - sim closes when the workshop starts  If you're not ready to participate, feel free to come join us and listen!  Comfortable sitting area and beverages provided.

Tues Jun 12th – 5 pm slt
Choreography Designer – Introduction & the Basics
First in a 3 part workshop - attend one or all depending on your current experience with this tool.  In this workshop we'll be starting right from the beginning - unpacking your box, what all the pieces are, and what they can do.  We'll also explore what sleep time and travel time are, and other things you need to know to create your first choreo designer route for yourself and/or your dancers.  On completing this workshop, you should feel ready and excited for the next step - building your own dance route!
** Requires the Spot On Choreography Design system to participate or as always everyone is welcome to come listen

Sat Jun 16th – 10 am slt
Spot On Stage Manager
One of several rezzer systems available, this is a very versatile tool that integrates seamlessly with the other Spot On Tools.  We cover how Stage Manager rezzes sets based on the venue, how to load one or more sets into a rezzer, de-rezzing, and modifying a loaded set, plus any tips and tricks I know.  We will also be covering why your sets should be phantom.  Hands on – you will be doing all of this during the workshop!  Set supplies will be provided.
** Requires the Spot On Stage Manager and knowing how to link/unlink prims to participate.

Sat Jun 16th – 12 pm slt
Performance Director Workshop 1:  The Basics
An introduction to what the Performance Director can do and how it brings together the power of timed sequences, movers, and more.  This workshop will focus on exploring the HUD, the structure of the notecard, and different aspects of how this tool can be used as the conductor of your performance.
** Note:  this workshop is best for those that are comfortable with the base tools/skills - creating a sequence and a choreo designer route.
Requirements:  Own the Performance Director HUD and Choreo Design system to participate.

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