Friday, June 22, 2018

Men in Motion at SL PrideFest

Men In Motion at Second Life Pride Festival - Saturday, June 23rd @ 5pm slt

Please join us at the Second Life Pride Festival as the extremely talented men take to the stage. The show will last for about an hour and a half with the sexy shaking of so many wonderful choreographers and dancers.

Our directors for the afternoon will be...
Sebastain Bourne - JP Damien - Con Lorefield - Niecho Vollmar - Fafnir Kiranov - Melvis Baum - Si De Brit

Our dancers for the afternoon will be...
Mr Senet - Tray Porthos - Diamonte Thomas - Hunter Zarco - Jorgio Vaher - Stoke Mier - Andy Dumpling

Below is your ride to one amazing show and a LOT of fun !!!

Your Limo