Friday, June 15, 2018

Dance XCetera

Our June show is all about the ladies!  Our directors (all female)  were inspired to create their dances from music by some very talented - and powerful women.  All the cliché's are true!  Behind every man IS a good woman, and so forth and so on!  Ladies, come see the show this weekend and drag your men because we're bringing the power with the directing debut of DX member Victory Muller, and the performing debut of Dutchy Button!  We are also very happy to welcome back DX Alumni member Q-Pain Morningstar!  Hosted by Ms. Aryanna Draken.  Make us your date destination this weekend, program information is below, hope to see you there!

TIMES ARE 7p slt
- Saturday, June 16th
- Sunday, June 17th


- Aryanna Draken
- Kahina Shoreman
- Victory Muller (debut)

Performing with:
- Dejaye Barracuda
- Dutchy Button (debut)
- Fancy Bekkers
- Maka Chosen
- Pinky Stonecutter
- Samantha Chosen
- Boulder Chosen
- Niecho Vollmar
- Q-Pain Morningstar

Hosted By:
- Aryanna Draken

Performances inspired from music by:

Come see us this weekend!