Friday, June 8, 2018

Men in Motion


I know most of you have been waiting oh so patiently for this post... and well, today is your lucky day. This Saturday, mid afternoon, we are about to have our delights filled with some of Second Life's most talented choreographers and dancers. They will take you into the depths of their mind to show you their vision of their dance. Some might take you into the jungle, some might have you relive high school days, some might even put you in a dark padded room.. when it's all said and done, the fire department will be called and their hoses will be available to cool off any small fires that might be started.

DJ'ing our amazing show will be the very sexy and talented Ame Starostin.

We will also have some very special guests from the Second Life Pride Festival to witness 1st hand these amazing men and what is to come later this month when the MIM will be performing at the Second Life Pride Festival.

Our directors will be:
Kyser Mynx
Melvis Baum
Si De Brit
Fafnir Kiranov
Adam Magic
Niecho Vollmar
Devlin Delwood
Con Lorefield
JP Damien
and last but not least... Mr. Sebastain Bourne

Dancers will be:
Diamonte Thomas
Hunter Zarco
Jorgio Vaher
Stoke Mier
Tray Porthos

Your ride to the show!