Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Raffle at Dance Queens!

This months raffle prize is for Outy's super cool particle dancer, as seen in the last Showcase show at DQ
(Babypea and I used it in our act)
An entry for the raffle is just 25L and goes to support the tier at Dance Queens! If we paid taxes, it would be a tax deductible donation :)) But since we don't, its a nice way to show your support as we support the dance community. Raffle ends on the last day of March so get entered before it slips your mind. Below is a description of the dancer as taken from Marketplace:  

  • Outy's Particle Dancer has been completely rebuilt in v2.0, and is packed with amazing effects that will keep you and your friends mesmerized.
  • This system comes with a HUD, and attachments for your right and left hand. All parts are copyable, so you can copy the hand attachments as many times as you wish. They are 4 prims each.
  • The Particle Dancer is mostly HUD-controlled, but the Dancers' basic functions can be chat-commanded without the HUD.
  • It has 23 effect Patterns, each with a unique set of behaviors. Many of them look good when still, but they are all designed to be best in motion. Wear them while you dance, animate, fly, or just set them out somewhere.
  • The Start and End Colors of any Pattern can be set using the HUD's adjustable color pallet of 12 key colors, plus black and white.
  • If you want more control over the colors, you can get as specific as you need to with independent Hue, Saturation, and Value controls which adjust all colors of the pallet simultaneously for quick selection, and a color Reset button for getting back to default.
  • It also includes a Rainbow Cycler which applies a changing cycle of colors to the current pattern. The Rainbow Cycler has 3 settings for color spacing(The distance between the Start and End Colors on a color wheel) which can make for very different looks between them.
  • The Rainbow Cycler's speed can also be changed with commands, or you can even manually specify it's color spacing with RGB vectors(If you're into that sorta' thing).
  • The new Glow behavior can add more intensity to most of the Patterns and color settings. Experiment with this feature for some dazzling results!
  • There are 6 Save Slots. Each can Save/Load a Pattern, Start/End Colors, and whether or not Glow is on. Once saved, the Pattern and Start/End Colors will show in that slot.
  • The HUD has changeable Dom and Sub Channels. Turn on your Dom Channel and have someone match their Sub Channel to it, and their Particle Dancer will now be controlled by your HUD! You can even criss-cross your Dom and Sub Channels with someone to mutually control the effects in a synchronized fashion.
  • Detailed instructions on all aspects of Outy's Particle Dancer are included in the package, and the HUD also gives additional chat help while using it, so you can learn by playing right out of the box.
It is pretty easy to set up and use and a fantastic tool for choreographers/dancers!