Monday, March 5, 2018

Ten days left to apply for Fantasy Faire dance performance spots!

Fantasy Faire 2018
10 more days to get your applications in. 

We still have a couple of spots left to fill but they are going fast.

Love Fantasy and Role Play? Love Art and literature? Love Magic New Worlds to explore? Want to be part of this kind of magical Event and support Relay for Life doing so? Then apply to perform at the Fantasy Faire 2018!

This year the Faire celebrates 10 years and it will be a grand affair!

The Fairelands have already started stretching and yawning, and soon they will wake from slumber yet again and we want you to join us there. The Faire opens on April the 19th and ends on April the 29th and we will have over a week of events to fill.

Want to know more about the Fantasy Faire and about previous years? Have a look here:

We are looking for performers of all kinds to do full shows of different kinds. From Theater to particle shows and dance performances, the stage will be yours. What we ask is that the shows have a Fantasy Theme and are semi-family friendly.

For more details, contact Aelva Resident and fill out the application notecard and send to her by March 15th.


Thank you for your interest being part of Fantasy Faire and in supporting RFL!
Please fill in the details below by March the 15th and send to Aelva Resident and I will send you back more information about performing at the event.

Troop name:
(Lead) performer name:
Whole show or solo act(s):
If a group, how many dancers are you in total?:
List of group members in notecard here:
And if a group, do you have your own dj? DJ name:
Group Logo:
( Drop texture here)
Show Name and Theme:
Show poster (if full show):
Tell us a little something about you: (An introduction of you for ads)
( Drop notecard here)
Show/ act length:
Preferred Performance Days & hours ( in SLT):
( Please feel free to mark several options)
20th April -
21st April -
22nd April -
23rd April -
24th April -
25th April -
26th April -
27th April -
28th April -