Friday, March 23, 2018

Burlesque With Attitude by Scarlet Stiletto Company!

Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company are delighted to invite you to our latest show :

"Burlesque With Attitude"

It's an experience you won't want to miss - we have amazing sets, sumptuous outfits, cool music, mouth watering dancing - and real eye candy for everyone!
The first performance will be on Tuesday 3 April starting at 1.30 pm slt (that's 9.30 pm UK time).
You really need to arrive earlier to secure a seat and to allow time for things to that will increase your viewing pleasure ;)
Dress code is smart - it's a classy show ;) Plus you will be filmed and will want to look your best in our video ;)
[and without spoiling your fun - it really helps us to give you a good show if you can keep your scripts and complexity down a bit please ;) ]
This is our first performance at our brand new venue so make sure to use the correct limo.
Hugs from
Phizz and Corie, Chapi, Destiny, Lianne, Meda, Megs, Rossy, Scarly, & Star xoxo

Come see our new digs!