Sunday, March 25, 2018

Don't make me call the Dance Police... because I can't see the screen on my phone.

I take a lot of photos of dance performances.
Maybe too many.

Sometimes, I smile.
Sometimes, I wince.
And then there’s the times... well... you know...

I like to call this portion of our trip... okay, so... um... the Dance Police had their annual trip to the optometrist to get their eyes checked, and they had to get their eyes dilated, so things got a little... er... you'll see.

Luxe - March 25 2018
Pssst. Web. (piano?)

Club Image - March 25 2018
Pssst. Web. (piano?)

Dance XCetera - March 24 2018
Pssst. Web. (piano?)

Dance XCetera - March 24 2018
Pssst. Web. (piano?)

Winds of the Sahara - March 25 2018
Hold on, that's... nah, it's a dishwasher. Never mind.

Royal Opera - March 25 2018
Wait... wait... damn it, I can't focus.
Can't we just go to the firing range?
Let's go back to that chicken...

Dance XCetera - March 24 2018
Chicken walks into a bar. Bartender says "What do you want?"
And the chicken says "For people to stop fucking asking me why I crossed the road."
Okay, it's not a good joke.

Noir Neverland - March 22 2018
Still kinda blurry. Not sure.

Guerilla Burlesque - March 23 2018
Pssst. Web. (piano?)


Sheesh. Okay, maybe I'll try again next week after the Dance Police have their annual colonoscopies.

Thank you, and stay tuned next wheneverthehell for the next thrilling episode.

"Hey. It's Cave. Someone's not daaaancing. Come on. You know the law - testing IS NOT a dance exemption. Don't make me call the dance police"

- Cave Johnson, Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Expansion Pack.